Tips to Help Train Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are one of the most beloved breeds of dogs simply because they are so loyal and easy to train. Police forces use these dogs for their keen ability to learn simple commands and because of their protective nature. If you are considering making one of these dogs a part of your family, it is important you are fully prepared to be able to invest time in training your new friend. German Shepherds are in no way lap dogs and are often full of energy. You will need to learn how to work with this energy and keep your dog happy, healthy and obedient. With patience and diligence, your dog can quickly become trained as a loyal friend.

How Should You Begin Training Your German Shepherd?

When you begin training a german shepherd, you need to first decide on some guidelines. You need to make the decision on what areas of the house your dog is allowed and if there are certain areas that are off-limits. You may have some pieces of furniture you do not want the dog on and others that are allowed. Deciding on all of this can help you be consistent in guiding your dog to the appropriate areas, so he or she will know what is allowed.

There are three main commands you will need to first train your German Shepherd with. First, you will need to teach your dog his or her name and train the dog to come to you when called. This can start off with saying the dog’s name followed by the command come. Each time your dog responds properly, reward with praise, never food. You will also need to teach your dog to lie down and stay and sit and stay. As your dog begins to master these simple commands, you can move further in training.

Always remember to be firm, yet kind to your dog. German Shepherds do not respond well to sharp tones. By being patient and continuing to work with your dog from around the age of eight weeks, you can have him or her trained in no time.