Tips in Sanitizing your Kitchen

Kitchen is the area where foods are prepared. So, your kitchen should always be clean and sanitized. It should be the cleanest part of your house in order to ensure that you are eating good and safe food. But unfortunately, it is sometimes neglected because other people tend to spend more time in cleaning their rooms, bathrooms, comfort rooms and other areas of the house. This habit can greatly endanger your family’s health so better spend more time in cleaning your kitchen.

Clean your whole kitchen with the natural cleaning products to avoid chemical ingredients that you can get from chemical based cleaning solutions. You can buy these green cleaning products or you can produce them yourself. Either way is a safer than going for conventional cleaning products.

Here are good and easy tips on how you can make your kitchen the most sanitized room in your house:

*Play your favorite song or any other song before you start to lighten up your mood in cleaning your kitchen.

*Start by picking up pieces of dirt or any misplaced items or things.

*Place or put the misplaced things into their proper places.

*If there are used dishes, wash them properly and carefully to avoid damage or accident.

Steps in cleaning dishes properly:

*Start cleaning the drinking glasses and mugs because they are the items of least food stains and grease. They are fragile or easily broken so better be careful in cleaning them.

*Next to them are the plates, bowls and saucers or what they call china wares. Clean them carefully because they too are fragile or are easily broken.

*And the last are the pots and pans. Consider to clean them always at the last part because they are the dirtiest ones. Since they are the dirtiest, soak them for a few minutes to remove or to loosen the food stains.

*In general, wash your kitchen utensils with warm water.

*You can use hot water to remove grease easily.

*Scrub those dishes carefully and thoroughly. Choose to use dish washing soap or solution made out natural cleaning products. This will make your entire cleaning process safe from chemical ingredients.

Here are the natural ingredients that you can use in cleaning your kitchen:

*White distilled vinegar

*Baking soda

*Washing soda

*Baking soda

*Lemon juice

*Lemon and lime

*Hot water

*Olive oil



*Tooth paste (white or plain)


*Cream of tartar

Here’s how to clean your kitchen using green cleaning products:

* Usually, pans turn black after a long time of use so clean them with white vinegar and baking soda with the use of a sponge.

*Do not forget to dry metal equipments. Because they are metallic, they are prone to rusting.

*Wipe your range surface after cooking. Apply lemon juice on a small rug or piece of old cloth then simply wipe the surface that you are cleaning.

*Clean kitchen floor every day. Add 1 cup of white distilled vinegar to every gallon of water in a pail. Dip or soak your mop into the pail then simply wipe your floor.

*Dont forget to dry the kitchen floor after every wipe it may cause accidents like slipping.