Tips For Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning can be easily accomplished, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind. It’s certainly not difficult to care for your wood flooring, and it’s a good idea to do so to keep the wear and tear down to a minimum. Wood floor cleaning will reward the worker handsomely – with a beautifully kept floor.

Of course, if you think this task is not for you, you can always find a good cleaner in your area. Wood floor cleaners may be harder to find that the usual tile or carpet cleaners but if you are living in an area like Charlotte, North Carolina or Los Angeles, California, the task of searching would be easier as there would be more options in bigger cities.

It’s a good idea to get to know your hardwood floor. Find out what kind of wood it is made from, and check to make sure that the underlying layer and topcoat finish are in good order. If you detect a few signs of disregard, never fear – for these are easily fixed. Soon your hardwood floors will be shining and gorgeous.

For wood floor cleaning, cleaning solid hardwood floors is among the easiest of tasks and you can protect the integrity and beauty of your flooring with a few different methods. When it comes to your hardwood floor, damage prevention is the key. Dirt, sand, and other grimy substances are a wood floor’s least favorite companions. Such filth works to scratch and wear away the surface of your flooring, and if this happens to a fault, all the wood floor cleaning won’t help you.

Dents and dulling are not easily fixed, so simply keep as much dirt and sand out of your house as is possible. Keep a pair of house shoes by your front door, so that when you enter you can switch shoes. Or, simply take your shoes off at the door and wear only your socks inside.

Water and other liquids can hinder your wood floor cleaning ritual as well – standing water can warp a wood floor, especially if that floor is not finished very well. It’s important to clean up all liquid spills as soon as they are noticed, in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the wood. Another way to prevent damage is to not use soaps made with oil. A residue left behind by the soap can build up and block a maintenance coat – use a pH cleaner designed especially for wood floors.

Moving furniture across a wood floor is not a good idea – this could potentially cause scratching on the floor. Vacuums with beater bars can cause dents, so if you’re going to vacuum you should only use a vacuum that has a brush attachment. The sun can actually hinder your wood floor cleaning in as well. The sun can cause discoloration – so keep curtains or blinds closed as much as possible.

To actually partake in wood floor cleaning, sweep the floor with a finely bristled broom – one with exploded ends in order to trap as much dust and dirt as possible. For vacuuming, there are also canister vacuums that come with bare floor attachments. Dust mops are all the rage these days, and one with a larger cotton head (about eighteen inches) is a good bet for your wood floor cleaning.