Tips for Choosing Scented Candles As Gifts

Scented candles make wonderful gifts for almost anyone. Candles are something that men and women enjoy. Scented candles are wonderful because of their beautiful aromas. Choosing the right one for a person is not difficult. It just takes a bit of knowledge about the person you are shopping for. There are also some general rules about which scents will appeal to a certain person.


Men enjoy the scent of vanilla. They also like food scents. Pumpkin pie, and banana nut bread are often favorites. Outdoorsy scents are winners with men as well. Choose outdoor scents that focus on woodsy, outdoor places.


Choosing scented candles for your girlfriend is usually a matter of thinking about what she likes. There are many lovely floral scents for the woman who enjoys roses, lilacs and other flowers. Fresh, clean scents are extremely popular with many women and with some men as well. These include citrus aromas, lemongrass, or the scent to remind her of clean linens. These are all quite pleasing.Your girlfriend may also like outdoorsy scents. However, women often gravitate to tropical outdoor scents that evoke thoughts of the beach or vacation.

What to look for in a scented candle

Always choose candles that are marketed as true to scent.

Look for soy wax candles. These come with many benefits that other types of wax candles do not have. These benefits include burning cleaner. Soy is also pollution and toxin free. This makes them better for those who may suffer from allergies. Finally, they burn longer. This lets you enjoy their wonderful scent for a much longer period of time than you would with a different type of wax.

Choose candles in a container that is unobtrusive unless you know exactly where the gift recipient will be using it. Try to find something small that will blend in with any decorating style. This enables the person receiving the candle to use it anywhere in their home or office that they choose.

Keep the above tips in mind as you shop for candle gifts for your girlfriend or anyone else on your list. Candles are among the most popular decorative items that people purchase. They are beautiful and give off a warm glow, and they smell amazing.