Tips for Beginning Sewers who are looking to buy their First Sewing Machine

When a person first begins sewing one of the first things he or she will need to do is purchase a sewing machine. While this can be a fun thing to consider, it can also be a bit confusing as well. Sewing machines can be quite expensive and many offer a number of extra stitches and other features a beginner may not really understand or know if they will need. Because of this, it is often advisable for such a person to spend a bit of time considering the options when purchasing their beginner sewing machine.

One of the first things a beginner will need to determine is how they think they might use the machine. Most basic machines can be good options for simple craft projects and mending of clothing. They often have a few very basic stitches built in and can offer backward and forward sewing. These are basic options and a sewing machine with these features can handle most task simple tasks.

If a person thinks they will be interested in more types of sewing such as making clothing, drapes or even a quilt, it may be a better choice to buy a mid range machine that offers more features. Generally, it is a good idea to make sure the sewing machine has an automatic buttonholer if one will be making clothing. For curtain making or quilting projects, the machine should be able to easily sew fabrics of a heavier weight.

Many machines offer a number of special stitches. It is a good idea to review the options being offered. Some stitches are designed to make sewing of certain types of fabric easier and are very useful in the creation of garments and other items. However, a number of stitches are merely for appearance. While these extra stitches can be a great addition on many pieces, often they are not used enough to make it worth the extra investment.

One of the best ways to learn about a sewing machine one is thinking of purchasing is by looking at the device’s manual online. This will often detail the features of the machine and the various additional accessories, which can be purchased. The manual will also offer some insight into how the machine works and this can be a great advantage in determining if the machine will suit a beginner’s needs.