Three Inexpensive Ways to Add a Decorative Touch to Any Home

Decorative touches are what give a home character, and appeal. Without them, a house feels cold and impersonal. Fortunately, decorating does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of decorative touches that can be used in any home that don’t cost much at all. One of the most popular and versatile is Old Factory Soy Candles. The following three decorating ideas can be a springboard to help anyone add a custom look to their home.


Candles come in many shapes, sizes and aromas. It’s easy to find the perfect one for any home. Use large pillar candles on a mantle. Group large amounts of small candles such as votives and tealights in a bedroom. Once they are lit, they add instant romance to the room. The scent helps add to the ambiance. During the holidays use pillars and greenery from the backyard to create stunning centerpieces.


Buy a large canvas and some paints. Let the kids use their hands to create one-of-a-kind pieces of artwork. Family pieces can also be created when parents and children use their handprints. Or let children have a paintbrush and paints to create something for the wall. Either of these projects is lots of fun for children, and they feel proud when their creation is hung on the wall.


Before throwing anything away, take a look at it and figure out if there is something else it can be used for. An old wrought iron table in the backyard can be turned into a swing to hang from a tree. Old skies can be turned into a cute bench for the front porch. Learn to look at things with an eye toward what they could be, instead of what they are. It’s fun to take something that was going to be tossed in the trash, and turn it into something useful, and beautiful.

Take the above ideas and turn any house into a stunning, welcoming home. Being able to decorate inexpensively with candles, homemade artwork, and re-purposed items let you have the fun and excitement of decorating while still staying within the household budget.