This Is What You Should Know About Portable Accent Rugs

If you ever wish to define your personality, it would be prudent for you, first to decorate your home. It is very easy to decorate and revitalize your home with accent rugs. These rugs that we use to decorate our homes are actually a measure of our tastes. There are different types of carpets available in the market today and each one of these carpets gives a statement about our lifestyle habits. These carpets come in many styles and colors, some colors are bright and others are dull but the best color is one that you can really appreciate.

It is important to note that accent rugs come in two major styles, that is modern and vintage style designs. The extent to which accent rugs are used in a particular home can only be limited by your imagination. You can use them on the foyer, living room, family room, bedroom, kitchen, hallway or patio, depending on the extent of your imagination. The most important factor here is to add some color shades to any section of the house that you choose to put the rugs and protect the floor or carpet underneath from damage with a rag pad if the particular area is constantly being used.

Accent rugs are made from many different materials, some of which include Synthetic fibers, Cotton, Worsted Wool, Polypropylene or Olefin, Bulk Continuous Filament among many other readily available materials. With these diversity of raw materials, choosing the right type of accent rug should not be a problem. You should take into account the type of flooring or base that your accent rug will be placed on. For wood floors you will need to provide a rug pad underneath the accent rug so that you will not find your self slipping across the room when you step on it.

In selecting an area rug, remember not to extend the rugs into high traffic areas unless they are put on a rug pad. Always divide extra large spaces into more intimate and manageable sitting areas by placing furniture around Four by six and six by eight inches area rugs. Floral patterns can accentuate and blend with more contemporary geometric designs if the color palettes are similar and do not forget to pair less complicated designs with more intricate patterns. What you have to also note is the fact that Small and large patterns pair very well if used together.

Besides providing beauty, comfort, safety and sound reduction, Accent rugs will make a wonderful difference to your home decor as they can brighten plain neutral colors in your rooms making then nice to look at. One great thing about accent rugs is that you can use different types rugs for different seasons. You can also change them to match your changing moods since they are portable. Before rushing to buy an accent area rug, it would be prudent to put in mind the fact that its durability is generally determined by the material used in its construction, and also amount of traffic in a space.

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