Things To Consider When Buying Engineered Flooring

Engineered Floorings are one of the latest trends and they provide the best in floorings. A permanent cover for any floor can be laid with many varieties of material. There are stone, tile, marble, wood, rubber, vinyl, bamboo and many other substances to cover a floor and make it look beautiful and attractive. But none of these can take the place of the latest and the best invention of the artificially prepared wood floorings, popularly referred to as Engineered Wood Flooring.

Traditional Trend

The traditions of many people and families have led them to use marble, stone, or concrete for the floors of their house. These have often been preferred over other types of floors because of their durability. But beautifying and maintaining them properly can often be expensive and involve a lot of fussing around. Then there are the floors for special purposes, like rubber floors and resilient floors for sports and gyms. Bamboo floors and cork floors are eco-friendly, but not durable.

Recent Trend

Hard wood floors are the most recent trend up till now. Wood floors give good solid structure to the floor. They get back their freshness and beauty when sanded and refinished anew again. The price is according to the availability of the right kind of wood. But hard wood floorings too, have many drawbacks. Hard wood floorings can warp due to the expansions and contractions caused by the climate change. The changes in moisture levels in the atmosphere also tend to damage the wood floorings.


The new invention available in the market today is Engineered Pre-finished Wood Flooring, and this has many advantages that do not appear to be seen in other modes of floorings. These floors are made by gluing together multiple thin ply layers. The inner cores are generally made of hard wood or soft plywood. The tongue and groove system is arranged in it. On top of this, a thicker hardwood veneer layer is glued on. So the availability of any specific hardwood is not a problem in this engineered flooring.


The first and foremost merit of engineered and pre-finished hardwood floorings is that it gives the warmth of real wood and is strong like an engineered infrastructure. Secondly, the wide selection of exotic hard wood species is available. Thirdly, pre-finished and engineered floorings have a lifespan range of 50 to 100 years. A fourth point is that it can be fixed on any sub-floors, even on dry concrete slabs. You will find that humidity won’t cause any damage and they are extremely easy and simple to install. These versatile floors are available in many different colours, styles and sizes. Besides all of these merits, it is dimensionally more stable than a solid wood floor.

When Buying

Care should be taken when buying these products. Colour and texture of all wood species is available in this section. So, instead of going for a particular colour or a specific wood pattern, you must consider if it will agree with the room and the things in it. If you want to refinish it after some years, make sure the top veneer layer is thick. The top wear layer comes with a thickness of 0.6mm to 6mm. When refinishing, 0.5mm thickness can be lost. The adhesive used in between the ply’s can sometimes be harmful or cause allergies. Creating a timeless look is one of the highlights of engineered wood, but it too fades if it is constantly exposed to sunlight. Contact with water can also damage it in the long run.