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What is the History of Vacuum Cleaners? This article will explain on how the history of vacuum cleaners evolved. Before vacuum cleaners appear, cleaning floors are a great struggle. The rugs should be taken out, being beaten by big wooden stick and are hung in post. The floors should be swept, while you pick up the debris and then you will discard them. Cleaning a carpet before will consume a day of your time, unlike this modern time, where you can have the carpet cleaned up by about 10 minutes only. Initially, the vacuum cleaners that are being widely used today, did not actually resemble the original ones. During those times, the vacuum cleaners have to be transported into another house or area with the help of horse and or carriage. A British Engineer named Herbert Booth, first invented huge vacuum cleaners. His invention has powered motor run by gas, this will let the large fan to function to have the suction, and all are placed in a large box. So, the debris are being sucked using such gas powered units, fed from outside the house. Since those vacuums are large and heavy, horses were needed to pull them. In 1908, James Murray Spangler, invented the vacuum cleaner that is being utilized today. The simplicity and lack power of the first vacuum is so far compared to what is used today. Around 1920, William Hoover had purchased the patent of James Spanger first vacuum. This is where the Hover Vacuum Cleaner Company has begun and born. The first vacuum cleaner has a box with on a stick, then a certain satin bag will be the one to catch the debris. The initial vacuum cleaner is created from modified soap box, electric fan and a pillow case. In 1926, the unit has improved dramatically, because of the beater bar being added. The Hoover vacuum cleaner then become known as Hover Model 700, and was certainly a big hit. Majority of the household in America in 1950, did catch the new patent of William Hover.
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From the year 1950 until 1980, the vacuum cleaner remains at ease or the same, in terms of principle and basic design. For about 30 years span, there are a number of modification being made, such as the exterior and also the self propulsion; by the use of this hose that cleaner can be easily attach to dashboards, and so as other areas hard to reach. In 1980, James Dyson, has an invention, this is a cyclonic bag vacuum cleaner and with the increased suction, but had added the savings for it did not require a filter bag for catching debris.Vacuums: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make