The Post Construction Cleaning For Your New Home or Office

All about the post construction cleaning services

If you are the owner of a building and have just completed the construction or renovation of the property, you require a quality concierge cleaning company who would be handling all the post construction cleaning services of the building. They will prepare your building by the day of inauguration and accordingly take the charge of the commencement of their cleaning related work.

As the construction gets over, the post construction cleaning services start their work. They are supposed to clean the floors, ceilings, stairs, walls, clear wastes and even provide carpet cleaning. They will get their own required equipments with which they will clean and they will be clearing the garbage and dumps away from the sites.

The post construction cleaning services of the cleaning company includes the following list of responsibilities which are stated below.

Dusting and wet wiping all the hard surface floors Dusting baseboards Cleaning baseboards Vacuuming all carpeted areas Cleaning all water heaters Cleaning all utility cabinets, heating system, storage areas and garages. Cleaning water valve box Cleaning spider webs and the like from the outside entry Dusting all the doorknobs, doors, switches and plug covers Rubbing and washing the surfaces of all windows and sliding glass doors Cleaning all windows and sliding glass door frames, sills, and tracks Cleaning the inside part of all the cabinets. Polishing the cupboards, vanities, tainted woodwork and all stainless steel sinks Cleaning the plumbing fixtures, medicine, cabinets, mirrors, and bath accessories Getting rid of all short-term labels, packing materials, maintenance and instruction guide. Placing them in an orderly fashion through the house Dusting the walls Cleaning all toilets, kitchen, appliances, tubs and sinks Getting rid of all provisional fortification and labels which are not required

The post construction cleaning company usually charges their fees on the extent of work to be done and also on the basis of the time they would take to complete the assigned work. The amount varies from project to project, in a range of US$200 to US$800, which should include at least three cleaning specialists.

You should be engaging someone who holds some amount of reputation in this field, good list of achievements in the past and will offer the best deal that includes all the services you need. Keep a note of few important services they are supposed to render apart from general responsibilities are commitment, trust, customer service, close supervision, maintaining deadlines and attending to details.

After the post construction cleaning is over and the building is made ready for its opening, the contract between you and the post construction cleaning company may still continue. You may fix up a deal with the concierge cleaning company to continue to look after the maintenance and cleaning work of the building where professionals from their end will regularly come to perform their responsibilities they are supposed to render to you as agreed on terms.

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