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Plasma Cutters Plasma cutters are a form of torch used to cut through metal. For it to be able to cut through metal the torch has to create plasma, which is an insanely hot substance that is a gas and a liquid at the same time. You will need a gas source and a heat source. Plasma cutters are set up to create an electrical circuit with the piece of metal that you are wanting to cut. When the tip of the torch touches the metal, the circuit is created and spark flashes through the nose of the plasma torch. When the inert gas comes into contact with the electricity it is then heated to 15,000 degrees Celsius and this is what becomes plasma. The plasma that is created then flows out of the tiny nozzle at the end of the torch and onto the metal. The plasma that comes out allows the torch to work almost as well as a laser when it comes to cutting metal. If everything is set up correctly the cuts from your plasma cutter should be very clean and result in little effect on the rest of your piece of work. Because a plasma cutter works by using an electrical circuit, it can be used with any material that conducts electricity.
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Older versions of plasma cutters used high frequency, high voltage circuits to start the arc; these were invented during World War 2. There were a couple of things that were wrong with these early cutter; firstly the operator risked electrocutions every time they used it if they were not careful, secondly these original cutters were very difficult to maintain and repair.
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A plasma cutter has the ability to cut different thicknesses of metals, this will be determined by the size of the machine, these determine the sever cut. The thickest cutting potential for a certain plasma cutter is defined by the term “sever cut.” The thicker the piece of metal the easier it is to cut with a CNC plasma cutter. When the metal thickness gets close to the sever cut rating the worse the cut will be, it will still be able to cut through it but the cut could look messy. If you end up with messy cuts you may have to take the time to go back and clean up your edges. CNC plasma cutters are controlled via the computer, this result in them having the ability to make very precise cuts. A CNC plasma cutter is a must if you are making repetitive cuts or using it in industrial applications. Not only can these cutters make the same cut over and over but they are also very easy to clean and repair if yours ever stops working.