The most-common foundation leveling techniques

The structural strength and integrity of the house mainly depends on the condition of the foundation. When the foundation is strong, the house will be strong and will last many years. On the other hand, when the foundation is weak, the house will start showing signs of weakness. Here is what you need to know about foundation problems and the repair techniques used.

Signs of a troubled foundation

  • When there are cracks on the walls and the floor.
  • When the doors and windows stop closing or opening well.
  • When the molding starts separating.
  • When the floors become uneven.

Most people make the mistake of trying to fix the external problem that presents itself on a building, forgetting that it is an indicator of serious underlying problems. Here are some of the techniques that are used to fix foundation problems.

Using helical pier driving heads

Helical piers are anchors that foundation contractors install into the foundation of the house. The pillars distribute the weight by making most of the weight settle in areas where the soil is strongest. This repair technique is popular because it is quite simple ad does not disturb the house. However, if the ground around the house has been compromised in any way, inserting the piers could aggravate the problem.

Jacking up floors that are sagging

When the foundation weakens, floors separate from the walls and start sagging. Steel shims are used to lift and support the sagging sides of the floor. This process is quite simple as it does not involve interfering with the soil beneath the house.

Replacing foundation blocks

There are many houses whose foundations are made using concrete blocks. The blocks are seen as a stronger foundation material when compared to concrete slabs. When these foundations weaken, repairs are very easy. It is possible to place anchors below the blocks in order to lift them up. This will level the foundation and even out the floors. Alternatively, the old blocks can be replaced with newer and better ones.

This is what you need to know about signs of foundation trouble and available repair techniques. Visit to learn more about the process of repairing weak foundations.