The Many Healthy Benefits of Using Argan Oil

It is said that a woman’s hair is her crowning glory. Nothing shows that glory more than a head full of shining, healthy hair. There is a natural oil found in Morocco that the native women use for the purposes of adding vigor, not only to their hair, but to the other parts of their bodies as well. The oil comes from the seeds of a fruit called the Argan. Many natural products make claim to produce healthy benefits for the users. This article will address what, in fact, are the ARgan Oil Benefits.

The oil that is expressed from the seeds of the Argan fruit is cold-pressed and packaged to be sold to consumers as a 100% natural product. Many positive results have been reported from the various uses of the product.

  • A major benefit of using the Argan oil has been as a skin moisturizer. It is replete in Vitamin E and also full of fatty acids that make it a natural boosting agent for healthy skin. As a moisturizer, it also works for those with skin issues such as eczema and other dry skin woes. It has antioxidant properties that helps the skin to maintain youthfulness and reduce wrinkles. It even works in the treatment of acne.
  • The second major positive of Argan oil has been in its effect on hair. The oil makes the hair shiny, soft and silky. The oil works as a balm for split ends and is great for styling the hair, making the hair easier to manage.
  • Argan oil also works good for stretch marks which is a godsend to those women who want to remove the unsightly effects of pregnancies.
  • A final benefit to look at is that Argan oil is good for the hands, feet and nails. A few drops applied before bedtime can keep the hands and feet supple and the cuticles healthy.

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