The Importance of Good Foundation Repairs in Houston

It’s amazing that the roof of your home has something in common with its foundation; both of them are key structural components of your home, but neither one of them crosses your mind until problems arise. With a roof it may be water spots on the ceiling or a small leak; foundation problems announce themselves with doors that won’t close properly or cracked walls. In both cases, as soon as you notice a problem, you need to have it dealt with as soon as possible. As strong as the foundation of your home is, it is still susceptible to buckling, cracking, and shifting, which can lead to serious structural damage. This is the time when you call in experienced experts in foundation repair houston to survey your home, diagnose the problem, and come up with a viable solution.

Foundation issues have a number of possible causes, including using compressible or improperly compacted fill soils during construction, building on clay which tends to expand over time, or improper maintenance. This last item can include not keeping your gutters and downspouts cleaned out and in good repair. If they fail, water runoff from your roof will begin to pool and collect around the foundation of your home, weakening it and allowing the super-saturated soil to give away under the pressure.

Whatever the root cause of your foundation problems may be, the repair will fall into one of two basic categories; shallow repairs or deep repairs, with shallow repairs being the most common. They tend to leave the majority of the load of your house in the more active soils. The solution here is to use segmented concrete piles and pressure grout pumping to shore up that soil and add some structure for support. In the case of deep repairs, your home’s load gets transferred to more stable soils, using, among other tools, helical piers and steel push piles. Once again the pressure grout pumping is the final step to fill in the voids left behind.

The reason this all sounds like a lot of work is because it is. When you get into a project this critical to your home, make certain that you are dealing with experienced professionals who know the soil conditions in your area intimately. If the job isn’t completed properly the first time, you may not get a second chance, since the structural damage that can occur can leave a structure unlivable.