The Four Warning Signs that Your Foundation is Failing

The structural integrity of any house depends on the foundation. Houses that have a good foundation will last for years without having any structural weaknesses. However, when the foundation starts falling apart, the whole structure weakens and could fall apart if you do not do repairs in time. Here are the four signs of a weak foundation.

1. Uneven and sloping floors

The foundation is responsible for making sure that the floor of a building stays at the same level. When something happens to the beams that support the foundation, soil sinks on one side, and this results in uneven floors.

2. Cracks on the exterior walls

When the foundation weakens, the structural compactness of the whole building starts weakening. The weakening causes cracks on the exterior bricks or other wall material. If you have noticed huge gaping cracks on the exterior of the house, chances are that the foundation has weakened.

3. Displaced or cracked moldings

Another common sign of a failing foundation is cracked and displaced moldings. In case you have noticed separated corner moldings and cracks in the molding affecting the top of the walls and roof, chances are that the foundation to the house is falling apart.

4. Doors and windows that will not open properly

Another common sign of foundation problems is doors and windows that will not open or close properly. When the foundation weakens on one side, the walls and the floors either contract or expand; either way, the doors and windows stop opening or closing in a smooth manner.

Solutions to foundation problems

It is important to resolve foundation problems as soon as they occur. Early resolution will help preserve the house as a whole. Here are some of the foundation repair techniques that are commonly used:

  • Use of helical pier driving heads: These are anchors that are inserted to the foundation of a building. They redistribute the soil and level the foundation.
  • Jacking up the floors that are sagging.
  • Changing the slabs that were used to make the foundation.

All these are solutions that you will get when you act immediately after noticing the signs. Visit to learn more about the ways in which you can resolve foundation issues.