The Feng Shui Of Wood Floor Sanding

You could probably think of more enjoyable activities than floor sanding, but there are some very good reasons to choose wood over carpet for your home. If you think about it, floor sanding suddenly isn’t such a chore any longer, but a means to a fantastic end.

Wood Is Healthy and Beautiful
In Chinese philosophy, there are five elements: Wood water earth fire and metal. These elements are used in different ways. For example, doctors in China look at the way these elements are present in a client and the way they interact with each other. By adjusting diet and habits, some elements are strengthened and others reduced, with the goal of preventing or curing illness.

This is a significant point in the way Chinese culture sees the human being. All aspects that make up a person should be in harmony and this can be achieved by paying attention to everything we eat and do, and also to the things that surround us.

Is Your Home Harmonious?
In Feng Shui, the Chinese philosophy that deals with how to arrange your house, all elements should be present for a home to be a place that is healthy and pleasant to live in.

As such, it is a good idea to get rid of your carpet, get down to some floor sanding and bring that old wooden floor to life again.

Not only is a beautiful wooden floor easy to clean and a pleasure to see, it is also a much healthier environment for you and your children. Carpets area a breeding ground for dust mites and other parasites which not even a vacuum cleaner will remove. And those little critters can cause strong allergic reactions, and even worse, prolonged exposure can end up causing allergy.

And don’t think that you need a brand new oak floor to make your house harmonious and beautiful. Very often simple pine planks reveal beautiful grain and appeal after some careful floor sanding and a few layers of varnish.

In fact, old floors often look much better for the wear and tear of time. Give it a try: Just lift a corner of your carpet, and sand the wood underneath. Start with 60 or 80 grit, move onto 180 grit, and finish with 240 grit. Remove the dust and see for yourself if your floor would add beauty to your house.

Of course you will have to use resin to fill holes, knots, and cracks, and you’ll be spending some time sanding the floor, but you could just as easily hire a company to come and do dustless floor sanding for you. Either way, your home will be more harmonious and beautiful.