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Storm Shelters: A New Reality Oklahoma and Tornado Alley Oklahoma is a state in the region known as tornado alley, which is where the highest concentration of tornados occur in the world. For us Oklahomans, the most dangerous part of the year is when warm, moist air from the Southeast, warm, dry air from the Southwest, and cold, dry air from the Rockies collide right over Oklahoma–giving Oklahoma the distinction of having more tornados that almost anywhere in the world. Because of these conditions, a tornado is a real possibility on any given Spring Day–the tornado in Joplin was from an isolated supercell. Even for in my hometown, the amount of tornado warnings has become incredible. My family has decided that investing in a tornado shelter might actually be a good idea. Tornados and Storm Shelters
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Since the possibility of a tornado touching down is more real than ever, it is necessary to take the proper precautions so that your family remains safe in unfortunate event that a tornado does occur. Essentially, tornados are spinning vortices of wind that may be up to a mile wide and reach speeds over 300 miles per hour. Tornados are ranked from EF1 to EF5 according to the Enhanced Fujita scale, which classifies tornados by the damage they inflict. At their strongest, tornados can level houses and even the foundations can be swept away, while cars are turned into missiles that be thrown over one hundred yards.
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Tornados occur along what are known as squall lines, and these tend not to be very severe. The scariest, most damaging tornados occur during severe thunderstorms called supercells, which are characterized by their heavy rotation If the rotation becomes strong enough and reaches the ground, a tornado is formed and a warning is issued by the National Weather Service. Once a tornado reaches the ground, a tornado warning is issued, and you should take shelter immediately as tornados are unpredictable and may change size, strength, or direction at a moments notice. Oklahomans, living in the heart of Tornado Alley, should all have a shelter in their homes. The rising amount of tornados that occur in Oklahoma seems unlikely to change anytime soon. There are two types of shelters, above-ground and below-ground, but either will protect you in the event of even the strongest tornado. Shelters are generally constructed around a steel and concrete frame that is several inches thick. All shelters are rigorously tested and certified to ensure that you and your family remain safe during a severe weather event.