The Different Types Of Wood Flooring Design

If you covet the idea of installing wood flooring when overhauling your home, it is essential to know the varieties and the myriad designs that these different types of wooden floor possess. The elegance and style of wooden floors remain unparalleled which is the reason behind the burgeoning popularity of hardwood flooring in India. So before you hit the market to pick out a design of wooden flooring for your sweet home, take a glimpse at some of the available varieties.

Solid Wood Floor Solid hardwood flooring comprise a single plank of wood possessing sides of groove and tongue designs. You can opt for solid wood which are pre-finished as well as unfinished ones. While the former variety is sanded as well as finished at the job site itself, while the latter one is sanded at the factory and the finishing touches are lent post installation. Solid hardwood flooring in India come in three main styles or designs such as strip flooring, parquet flooring and plank flooring. Both the Strip and the Plank flooring are linear varieties of flooring, although in the former the width is fixed with measurements of 1 and a half, 2, and 2 and one-fourth inches available, while the latter Plant wood can have varied widths ranging from 3 to 8 inches. The linear aspect of these two wood flooring options lends the room a spacious appearance. Parquet flooring, on the other hand, reflects beautiful geometric designs which are created by adhering a number of wood pieces by gluing or mechanical fastening.

Engineered Hardwood Flooring – If you were of the notion that Engineered somekeyword is same as the Laminate flooring, it is worthwhile to know that engineered ones are actual hardwood ones, while Laminate floors are not real wooden planks. Engineered wooden flooring pieces are constructed by adhering three to nine veneer layers of different species with the grains placed at right angles to one another, thus making it a more stable variety of flooring compared to its solid counterpart. It is less vulnerable to actions of contractions and expansions in places which are extremely humid, while being apt for under-floor heating. One of the advantages of such Engineered hardwood flooring is the variety of hardwood and designs that can be used to construct the same.

Floating Wood Floor – As the very name suggests, this variety of wood flooring remain floating and is not adhered to the subfloor which is instead enveloped with a thin layer of soft padding that acts as a barrier against moisture and sound and also provides a cushion-like comfort. The groove and tongue are then placed on top of this thin sheath and fastened either with adhesive or the click-lock system.

Acrylic Impregnated Wooden Flooring – If you have noticed wooden flooring in a restaurant or shopping plaza, chances are they are the Acrylic-impregnated variety. Here the acrylic color and sealant are infused into the whole of the woods thickness, thereby making it extremely strong, durable and resistant to scratches as well as moisture.

Wood flooring can truly lend your home with the stylish look that you desire. However, prior to choosing any design or variety, it is important to check which one is the easiest to maintain and not much prone to blemishes.