The Best Roofers in Baltimore Can Make Your Home Look Beautiful and Protect it From the Elements

Nothing will enhance the beauty of your home like replacing old worn shingles. The chance are good that doing so will protect your home from storms which ravage roofing. There are so many choices of roofing to choose from. Shingles are the most popular choice.

The roofers in Baltimore will ensure that the old shingles are properly torn off and disposed of. The underlayment will be examined for rotting and these boards will be replaced to protect the roof from leaking into the attic and right on down to the basement leaving black mold to grow in behind it. The next step would be to put down roof deck protection. Then shingles are layered on top. Check

However, a leak barrier will be installed where a V is formed by part of the roof adjoining a dormer or other similar part of the home. A starter strip is important because it protects the shingles from wind blowing up underneath them. The starter strip also overlaps into the gutter so that rain is deflected into these rather than go down the side of the house and into the foundation. The Ridge Cap shingles are an important part of any house and they will be installed correctly to ensure adequate ventilation and water protection. Every shingle should be put down and nailed in a pattern recommended by the manufacturer.

Some of the benefits of a new roof besides protection from the elements are:

Your home’s appearance will be enhanced by applying roofing in an artistic fashion.
Your home may need re-insulation and our company can do this by using a variety of materials.
Your roofing system will provide adequate ventilation.

The following are some of the problems our technicians will be looking for:

Weak roof structures that will not support the load which results in splitting the roof membrane.
A sagging roof structure, poor slope, and insufficient lack of drains which causes ponding water.
Provisions must be made for expansion and contraction in the decking.
Incompatible roof materials.

Our company cares about doing the best job that any company can do and we watch for every problem. Our cleanup is done every day and we use a magnet to search your yard for nails.