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The Six Types of Locksmith Services Many people are under the impression that locksmithing involves merely making and repairing locks or keys. This impression may have been brought about by the fact that becoming a locksmith does not require formal education. Due to the changes to the nature of locks and keys brought about by innovation and technological transformation, the locksmith’s job has also expanded its scope and reach. This article will list and explain some of the common services a locksmith can provide for you. Residential Functions
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The type of locksmith that most often comes to mind as well as the one that is easily accessible to most people is the residential locksmith. The residential locksmith’s services are engaged in situations such as when a homeowner forgets, loses, or misplaces the keys to his house. The residential locksmith’s services are usually engaged by clients who live in condominiums, private homes, and apartment complexes. Their most common task is to replace the lock on the house’s main door and provide the corresponding keys for it. If they want, clients can also ask their residential locksmiths for recommendations on which home security system to install to their house.
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Commercial Locksmith For shops, offices, and schools, the right man for the job is the commercial locksmith. He installs a security system appropriate for a larger scale establishment such as having multiple access levels for staff members. One example would be the installation of a unique lock coded system found in many large buildings today. Institutional Functions The duties of the institutional and commercial locksmiths mostly overlap, but diverge on one key point. The commercial locksmith’s services are normally engaged for a contractual job or on an hourly basis. The commercial locksmith, on the contrary, becomes a regular employee of the company. He will also be assigned tasks as the company’s employee and it may or may not be related to locksmithing. Forensic Services Forensic functions are considered as one of the most stimulating aspects of locksmithing. Forensic locksmiths assist in solving criminal cases. They use a special set of tools which aid them in discovering how a car or home was broken into or stolen. Their specialized skill set make them a valuable resource for the authorities. Their skills and expertise help law enforcement official solve and prevent future crimes. Auto Locksmith The auto or car locksmiths save the day for people who have been locked out of their cars. They are highly skilled and knowledgeable in working with all types of vehicle locks and keys. Emergency Locksmith Emergency locksmiths are available on all hours of the day and are typically engaged when intruders have broken into a house. Emergency services are needed by homeowners whose locks have been destroyed by burglars and need to be replaced or repaired immediately.