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Advantages of LED Lighting

LED lighting is the latest technology in the lighting industry. These lights are strong, solid and extremely efficient lighting for homes. The reasons why home users switch to the use of LED lighting are numerous and varied. Here are some of the many advantages why using LED lighting should be something you consider.

LED lighting is efficient

LED lighting is efficient because it has a 90 percent less power consumption compared to ordinary lighting. The fact that it uses only a small fraction of the light means that there will be a dramatic reduction of cost of power. In addition, these light bulbs are durable and long lasting thus reducing the cost of maintenance and replacement. It is for this reason that LED lighting is preferred especially in areas where they use solar panels.


Unlike ordinary bulbs that makes use of neon gas and filaments, LED uses semiconductors. It is enclosed in an epoxy resin enclosure, which makes LED lighting sturdier than traditional incandescent light. LED lights have the ability to withstand vibrations, shock and extreme temperatures because they do not have fragile component such as glass. This makes them ideal since you will not be replacing them time and again.


LEDs have improved safety that is probably one of the most important benefits of this lighting. LED lights do not overheat in comparison to ordinary lights. This means that they reduce the possibility of fires and burns. These bulbs rarely get hot despite being on for hours.

LED light are Environmental friendly

LED lights are made from nontoxic materials unlike incandescent lights, which utilize mercury that pollutes the environment. In fact, LED lights are recyclable and considered green. LED are considered the best lighting system that helps preserve the environment.

Color variety

LED lighting is one of the multicolored lights especially because of the different colors including red, green, blue and amber. Most traditional lighting produce colors that are extremely inefficient because of the filters that they contain. LED lighting on the other hand can be combined to produce a million different colors, which makes them convenient to use in a number of situations.


LED lighting can be consider as the future of lighting technology. They are increasingly becoming the preferred modern lighting option for most homes with a target of both professional and traditional users. In addition, this technology improves every day. Brighter and better, LED light bulbs are being produced on a daily basis. The government is making campaigns to reduce electricity use by more than 50 percent just by encouraging the use of LED bulbs. A switch to better, energy efficient lighting can transform the energy use and efficiency.

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