The Benefits of Investing in a Kegerator

People who love the taste of draft beer do not have to head out to the local bar to enjoy their favorite beverage. It is possible to purchase the necessary equipment to keep the beer at home. That equipment happens to be known as a kegerator. Here is some information about the device and why it makes a great addition to the home.

Understanding the Nature of the Kegerator

The easiest way to explain the design and function of a kegerator is to think of it as a marriage between a refrigerator and a beer keg. A basic design will include a keg that is placed in a small cooling unit that looks a great deal like an under the counter refrigerator. The main door to the device makes it very easy to remove the empty keg and replace it with a full one. Along the top of the small kegerator, two or more taps make it easy to draw mugs of beer whenever desired.

Ideal for Home Use

The genius of this kind of device is that people who enjoy draft beer can purchase kegs of their favorite brews and keep them on hand at all times. The cooler helps to keep the beer at the ideal temperature year round. Thanks to the inclusion of an air line along with a beer line, the taps are easy to operate and the beer can flow out at a pace that makes it easier to control the foam produced.

Some designs even include a small shelf in the device that is perfect for storing beer mugs. This is a nice touch, since it makes it possible to always have a frosty mug on hand for the beer.

Saving Money

While there is some initial investment up front, having a kererator at home saves a lot of money over time. Think of the expense involved with dropping by a bar after work to have a beer or two. Over the course of a month, the cumulative cost of those after work trips can add to a significant sum. Compare that to purchasing a keg or two of beer each month and keeping it on tap for home use. It won’t take long until the device begins to pay for itself.