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Ways to Build a Successful Sand Castle Having fun with your family that is not costly at all is through building sand castles. So instead of paying more in going out-of-town or renting skis and waverunners, you can play with your kids shovel and bucket toys for the sand castle building. You don’t need a lot of materials to do the castle building and yet you will still experience great fun. You have to visit the beach for this type of activity. Don’t forget to secure the complete materials you need that includes any size of bucket for the size of your castle, spray bottle to keep the moist, shovel, sea water, plastic knives, spoons and of course the sand. The more availability of water you have, the better is your sand castle. Water’s role is to act as the glue in order for the shape of the sand to hold. A perfect spot for your activity should have a very sandy spot but not that close to the seashore. This way, you are able to keep away your masterpiece from being taken by the waves. You need a guide for your castle so drafting a design in a paper is best recommended for you.
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To begin, start with piling sand where you want your castle to be erected. In order to achieve your perfect foundation, you also need to pour few buckets of water on the area to form a moist foundation. To start, main castles are often built at the middle of the spot and then be surrounded by small castles.
Getting Down To Basics with Tips
To do your side castle, you need to grab sand then wet your hands, and shape the sand into pancake sizes before you place it on top of the castle. Put in mind that water is the key to make your castle solid. The shape of your main structure should at least look like a megaphone wherein it is narrow on the top that also has a large base. There should be a larger base to support your work of art. To build walls, you need to be very creative and spare time for it. To build your castle walls, you just need to get wet sand, squeeze it to remove the excess water, mold it to where your wall is and repeat the process until you complete your walls. In order for you to add designs like stairs and arches, you will have to apply the same technique with walls but there should be a spray bottle that will keep it moist. To have more ideas on castle making, it is best that you also get ideas like to view website that offers this kind of videos to help your family bonding be success.