The Beginners Guide For Floor Sanding

If you have old wood floors which are covered up by carpets, you may be almost stunned to see the difference in the room if you decide to go the wood floor sanding route. Not only is it far more beautiful but actually it is much healthier to remove these carpets and have your wooden floors sanded. Some people choose to do it themselves and hire sanders, and others prefer to have a good floor sanding company london or other areas where they have these specialists. Either way it is good to understand about floor sanding so it help you make the right choice.

Floor sanding to restore your covered up wooden floors has so many benefits. Your wooden floors will actually be easier to maintain and keep clean whereas carpets are ideal homes for dust mites. Dust mites are spider like creatures which are invisible to the naked eye, so a freshly restored wooden floor is much healthier and also environmentally friendly. This type of restoration assuming it is done ethically is environmentally friendly as you are re-using an existing item. Wood in particular beause of illegal logging of forests which is an immense problem.

Whether you decide to do it yourself or employ a london floor sanding company or other area specialists, it is good to know about the routine which should be applied for floor sanding. As common sense may tell you the preparation of the surface is all important. Often under the carpets there can be narrow gaps and small imperfections which need to be filled with resin, and wider gaps which should have fillets to fill them before the work. All wooden floor boards should be checked thoroughly and then loose ones replaced where necessary.

If you are checking what quality a wood floor sanding company are then you should as them how many times the floor will be sanded and with what type of paper. They should answer you that initial sanding will be done starting with a coarse sanding paper, and as professionals they will use a 7-tier system which will finish with a very fine sanding paper using a dust free sanding machine. They should also mention that knots, holes and joint ends in the boards should also be filled for a professional look.

If you do decide to do the job yourself remember although the wood floor sanding machine may seem like fun, it will actually eat into the floor if it stays too long in the one place. Practice walking around beforehand knowing that at walls you will need to turn smoothly not stand still.

When it comes to the lacquer being applied you will need to do a further sanding to do what is called de-nibbling, and achieve a very smooth, beautiful surface. Ideally choosing environmentally friendly products, you should then apply three coats of high traffic lacquer. Once this is done and dry, the final stage is to apply the stain of your choice. As there are so many choices you will be able to choose one that will make your floor sanding job a great success. Alternatively choose a good floor sanding company london or whichever area you are in get some recommended experts.