Textured Wallpapers

Thinking about getting textured wallpapers? A plain wall will only make an appeal to a person who has a plain personality, which is that of simplicity and nothingness. Although this does not necessarily mean that a person who is plain and simple is boring and unlikeable, it definitely means that only a person whose personality is in line with a plain and simple wall will be able to carry that kind of design (or non-design) with such appeal. If you happen to have a wall that is plain and has no design at and you find very unappealing to you, of course, it is best that you do something to make it likeable to you because remember, your home must energize you therefore it should be the place where you are most relaxed.

Painting your walls wouldn’t be a bad move for this matter. After all, painting the walls can be a fun activity, yet the problem with painting the walls is that you have to keep your fixtures and furniture away from the wall for a while, not to mention that you must also resist against the smell of the paint. This is why wall papers can serve this purpose better. Aside from being easily attachable to your walls, it is also very easy to replace them from time to time. Most of all, the designs of wall papers are more intricate and aesthetically uniform when compared to the design of painted patterns.

Of all the kinds of wallpapers, the best one and most recommended kind to stick to your wall are the textured wallpapers. This kind of wallpapers is not only designed intricately but can also bring a livelier ambiance to the walls of your room, especially if the wallpapers come hand in hand with the fixtures and furniture in that particular room. Going for a textured one instead of a plain one is always the better choice, at least in terms of aesthetic matters. Think of comparing plain wallpapers and textured wallpaper in this way: plain wallpaper is an artwork painted by an artist using water colors in a thin sheet of paper. On the other hand, textured wallpaper is like a painting where the artist used oil or acrylic to add life and depth to the artwork which is painted in a canvass. This analogy indeed makes textured wallpaper the undeniably better choice against plain wallpapers.

However, textured wallpapers are of course not perfect. They also carry along with them some disadvantages like in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Most textured wallpapers, especially the grass cloth type and the fabric type, are not very easy to clean. This is because of the very densely knitted cloth fiber that makes the grass cloth and the fabric wallpaper more difficult to clean. Yet, there are also some textured type wallpapers that are a lot easier to clean even when compared to plain wallpapers. Vinyl wallpapers are the ones that can make an almost perfect combination between cleaning, maintenance, and most of all, in terms of design.