Tesla Electric Introduces 24-Hour Emergency Services To Better Serve Customers


(Atlanta, GA)—Tesla Electric, a commercial, industrial, and residential electrician in Atlanta, GA, is introducing their 24-hour emergency services to customers in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. Being able to offer the help of an experienced technician during electrical emergencies will allow the company to better serve both current and future customers. Those who are interested in learning more about Tesla Electric or taking advantage of their after-hours services should visit www.teslaelectricpro.com.

Bill Way, a representative of Tesla Electric, stated “Power outages and other electrical problems are commonplace. Many of them tend to happen at the worst times, like after the electrician is closed for business for the day. Unfortunately, when outages are due to damaged wiring, fuse boxes are not working properly, or a fire hazard has been created, it isn’t a good idea to wait around to see what happens. Doing so can put a home or commercial building and the people in it in even greater danger and lead to more costly problems in the future. With the introduction of our emergency services, home and business owners no longer have to wait around for help hoping that the problem doesn’t lead to a disaster before they can get it fixed.”

As Way goes on to say, “There are a plethora of reasons why someone may need to call an electrician in Atlanta, GA late at night, before business hours, or even on a weekend day. Perhaps their appliances have become unresponsive, a generator has failed, or blown fuses have finally become a regular issue. Our team here at Tesla Electric can take care of all of these things and more, even when the problem was an unexpected one. Home and business owners never have to worry about being without the power they need or about their safety being in danger because of electrical issues.”

“Our goal is to get help for home or business owners who are experiencing electrical problems as soon as possible. We know that it’s tough to function without electricity and that wire damage and other issues need to be taken care of without delay. Offering emergency services to our customers is just another way that we can better serve them and let them know that we are never more than a phone call away whenever they may have need of an Atlanta, GA electrician.”

About Tesla Electric:

As a full service electrical contractor in Atlanta, Tesla Electric has provided high-quality, cost-effective services across a wide array of electrical jobs. Their competitive pricing combined with our mission of providing outstanding results has kept their clients happy and satisfied. Tesla trains their staff on trends and new technologies in the electrical industry so that their skill sets become wider and stronger. That way, the company can attend to just about any type of electrical job that Atlanta residents ask of them.

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