Teaching Kids to Sew? Consider a Hello Kitty Machine

Hello Kitty is usually associated with girls’ toys and fashion items, but the brand is also connected with a fine line of sewing machines. Every hello kitty sewing machine can be used to create a variety of sewing projects. The machines are made by Janome, a company that is well known for turning out quality products.

Janome’s line of Hello Kitty machines includes 4 models which offer features suited for beginner through advanced use.


If you are teaching a 5-8 year-old to sew, a Janome 11706 is ideal. It is 3/4 the size of a typical machine, and is light and portable. Users can choose from 11 stitches. That is far less than a regular machine, but more than enough for many basic projects. Despite the fact that it is small and cute, the machine includes real functions, and needs to be used with adult supervision. You will usually pay less than $100 for an 11706 model.


Hello Kitty machines include a 13512 model that offers slightly more advanced features than beginner machines. It costs less than $130. The machine has a reverse stitch option, is full-sized, and is a good choice for 8-10 year-old kids.


You might consider a Janome 15822 Hello Kitty machine for your teenager. It provides a full range of stitches and features which are ideal for those who are well past the beginner stage. The machines also include built-in needle threaders and one-stop button hole makers. The model is especially popular because it can be used for almost any sewing project, is full sized, and is cute enough to appeal to young adult Hello Kitty fans. The 15822 is also a bargain, since it costs less than $200 and can meet the needs of users from age 10 through adulthood.


Many adult fans of Hello Kitty use the Janome 18750 to create advanced sewing projects. Machine features include an LCD screen, drop feed system, 50 built-in stitches, an auto-needle threader, and more. It costs less than $300, but provides options that are found on much more expensive products.

Anyone who is teaching kids to sew should consider investing in a Hello Kitty sewing machine. There are four durable, high-quality models designed to take young sewers from basic stitching through advanced projects.