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When to Call Your Heating Repair Service Professional Many homes use heat pump so that the temperature inside their homes is comfortable during the cold winter months. You might find your heat pump doing well now, but a time will come when maintenance is necessary or there can be a breakdown which will require repair to fix system problems. And when this happens you will need the services of a heating repair service provider. Here are some heating system problems that you might experience and the help that professional repair service technicians can offer. When there is moisture in the air, the outside coils of your heat pump can get covered in frost and ice. A built-in defrost cycle in your heating system can help melt off the frost on your coils. A professional should be called in if you notice that the defrost cycle is not melting the frost but makes it even thicker. The outdoor coils should be heated if the system is in defrost mode. When this happens you can see smoke like gas coming out of your heat pump. This is really steam that is formed when the heat comes in contact with the ice and melts it. Sometimes when power does not turn on in your heat pump then it can be caused by an electrical problem.
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Before calling a professional, there are some things that you need to check. The first things to check are the circuit breakers. You need to try to reset your breakers by turning them completely off and then turning them back on again. All power switches have to be turned on; you should check on this too. Some heating systems have multiple cut-off switches. These switches can be on the equipment or in another place.
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However, if after checking the circuit breaker and switches, your heat pump is still dead, then you need to immediately call your heating repair professional. If you hear humming and buzzing sounds in your heating equipment, there is no need to worry. If instead of humming and buzzing, you hear clanging, scraping, banging, or loud vibrations, you should get alarmed. Call your repair service professional after turning the system off completely. There might be something that has cracked inside the system and if you continue to use it, it can create more damage. Back-up heat is sometimes necessary especially if the weather is really cold. There will be a blue or green light on display when this back-up heat is used. If the temperature goes below 40 degrees Fahrenheit the light will turn on and off regularly. But if you notice that the light is steady longer than it should be, or it is turned on during milder weather, it is time to call your repair service provider.