Special Antibacterial Flooring For Health Centres

Antibacterial flooring is a new concept, and it’s also an extremely important asset for health centres. The old saying that people can walk into a clinic and walk out sicker than when they came in is no joke. Antibacterial flooring is an important advance in maintaining high levels of hygiene. A modern hygienic somekeyword can solve a lot of problems for patients and staff alike.

Antibacterial flooring, explained

The problem for health centres is live microbial organisms, or germs in a dormant state. They’re present everywhere in the environment, but in health centres, naturally, they’re likely to be present in more different types and greater volumes. These are the typical organisms that cause re-infections in the workplace in flu season, and they’re a real nuisance. They’re a persistent menace to health centre staff, who have to work in the environment over long periods of time.

The antibacterial flooring concept is tailoredto eliminate these endemic pathogens in the environment using a an anti microbial growth approach. This drastically reduce volumes of bio contaminants through ongoing prevention. Up to 99% of microbes can be eliminated using this method.

Design issues

Antibacterial flooring is also very design friendly. It’s been developed to be used in any design environment, and health centres can have any floor coverings they choose. This includes custom colours, and versatile long life and easy maintenance modular carpet tiles. These are the top of the range in high quality, super tough designer carpets, and they can achieve any type of design standard. You can even check out designs on visualization software to get an impression of design effects.

These are somekeyword, able to take very high traffic. They’re a different class of design from the old style broadlooms. Each tile has its own backing, and they’re joined to provide a solid, seamless surface which minimizes damage and risks. They’re also fully customizable from the planning stage. If you’re looking for a full design upgrade, you need look no further. Whatever type of carpet pattern, aesthetics or custom carpet you need for a health centre, it can be done, and it can be done well.


Antibacterial flooring is intended to be a viable budget choice for health centres. It’s easy to get a working price almost instantly, even with a quite complex design motif and special technical considerations. If you’re working on a budget, you’ll find the top suppliers not only understand the issues, they also know how to help. You’ll get advice on all budget considerations. You will definitely, make savings on maintenance, product life, patient health, staff downtime, carpet cleaning and reduced risk from high quality carpeting.

Getting a quote and technical advice

The quickest and most efficient way to deal with your needs is to talk direct to the suppliers. You can deal with any design or materials issues on the spot. You can get advice, quotes, and working figures instantly. The result will be a beautiful, hygienic new health centre.