Some of the Meanings Behind Christmas Ornaments

Christmas is a word that conjures up thoughts of candy canes, presents, Christmas trees and glittering ornaments all in a row. Many people don’t know that the decorations on the Christmas tree have meanings behind them. From the star on top of the tree to the garland wrapped around it, here are some of the meanings for the decorations that we pull out at Christmas to decorate our homes.

The Star

The star that you place so lovingly atop the tree is the star that led the wise men to Bethlehem when Baby Jesus was born. This star guided the wise men to the manager where Baby Jesus lay sleeping.

The Lights

All of the other lights that garnish the magnificent tree are the twinkling stars in the night sky on the night that Jesus was born.

The Garland

The garland that you wrap around the tree is a mother’s arms as she wraps them around her newborn baby, just as Mary wrapped her arms around Jesus.

The Ornaments

The round ornaments that you put on the Christmas tree signify the earth that everyone lives on and the fact that God created it for his children. The colors of the ornaments that you can buy at the OrnamentShop have special meanings as well. Read on for a few of them.

The red ornaments signify the blood of Jesus, which he shed to wash everyone on earth free of their sins. The blue ornaments are for the sky that bathes the earth during the day and shimmer in the moonlight. The green ornaments signify the trees and plants that God provided the earth with to nourish them. Silver and gold ornaments are for the rich blessing that God has given everyone on the earth.

Ornaments have a lot of different meanings and decorations on them. Not all of them are related to God, as there are reindeer, snowmen, Santa Claus, and other signs of the season.

The Tinsel

The tinsel on the tree sparkles like the fire that Mary and Joseph built to warm them on Christmas Eve.

The Tree

The tree itself represents life, love, and happiness that comes with the Christmas season. Christmas is a joyful time for everyone involved, but don’t forget the meaning.