Solid Hardwood Flooring Makes Houses More Marketable In Tampa, Fl

In a survey done nationwide among real estate agents, including those in Tampa, FL, it was proven that houses which have solid hardwood flooring fetch higher market prices and are sold more quickly than houses with other types of floors. This is good news for home owners, especially in this period of sliding real estate prices. Even for home owners who do not intend to sell their houses, investing in solid hardwood flooring would be a wise forward looking decision since it is always good to ensure the continued high market value of ones property. Solid hardwood flooring does this while also providing pleasing aesthetics.

In this time of environmental awareness, the fact that solid hardwood flooring is an ecologically friendly component also adds to the social value of a house. Wood is a highly renewable resource especially nowadays when tree planting is being encouraged. Wood is also highly recyclable. Hardwood is particularly valued even as it ages, and is used again and again for many generations. Furthermore, solid hardwood flooring is healthy for the occupants of any house because it does not harbour allergens.

Because solid hardwood flooring comes from nature, it lends a certain warmth to any home. The sight of a beautiful hardwood floor makes one want to go barefoot and snuggle up against loved ones. While the traditional picture of a home from times past almost always includes solid hardwood flooring, it is now used in many other interior decorating styles, too, from casual chic to sleek modern minimalism to the more opulent. Solid hardwood flooring prices make it possible for almost anyone with any budget to get it. Hardwood floor sales in Tampa, FL come with installation, finishing and repair services, as well.

Upon delivery, the customer receives unfinished hardwood flooring. The dealers install hardwood floors and finish them through proper staining and sealing. Customers can customize their floors by choosing the shade they want for staining. Customers can also choose to purchase borders, parquetry, medallions and inlays for more character. The final sealing done by the dealer then protects the solid hardwood flooring from stains and scruffs. With todays advanced finishes, solid hardwood flooring can last even longer than they did before. They have also become low maintenance. Only vacuuming or sweeping are needed in cleaning hardwood floors. Only very seldom are special professional wood flooring cleaning products required.

Homes with previously installed old solid hardwood flooring with old types of finishes may now be dulled, stained or scratched. Hardwood floors refinishing services can totally rehabilitate such floors, though, completely restoring their old grandeur and even improving them. After stripping and refinishing, the restored solid hardwood flooring becomes even more long lasting and will henceforth require low maintenance. This proves the timelessness of solid hardwood flooring.

There are many types of solid hardwood flooring, including Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Birch, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry and Mohawk. The most popular type of wood used for floors in North America is solid oak hardwood flooring. It has two varieties, namely, red oak and white oak. The actual color of white solid oak hardwood flooring ranges from cream to medium brown while the actual color of red solid oak hardwood flooring comes in many reddish brown shades. Both white and red oak are heavy hardwood with medium bending strength but white oak is harder with low stiffness while red oak has a more porous open grain with medium stiffness.

Home owners who still do not have solid hardwood flooring in Tampa, FL should seriously consider this beautiful and profitable investment. Whether they go for Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Birch, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry or Mohawk, they will surely not regret the decision.