Social Media Marketing Impact on a Business

Social Media Marketing can lay strong business foundation among the target market by effectively using various social media sites.

In this fast changing world, technology has changed the way people used to interact, stay in touch and get the business done. Due to the rise of numerous social media networking sites, businesses or companies have taken this opportunity to encash the features, facilities and resources of popular social media sites from the marketing perspective. Features such as share, comment, like, recommend, facilities like analytical tools to present the large chunk of data into an articulated form and resources are the large chunk of world population, deploying all the facilities and features given by a social site. Social media marketing is the upshot of the increasing intervention of social media in our daily lives.

The success of social media marketing in the dynamic business environment is not more or less surprising! On one hand, it has encouraged the entrepreneurial skills of many on the other hand, it has helped businesses to bridge the gap between its audience and the brand. At present, there are full fledged social media agencies that are offering an integrated online marketing solutions in the market. Vizz Media is one of the prominent brands of the social media domain. The social media agency has managed over 100 brands so far it talks about the various online social platforms that can be deployed for effective social media marketing strategies:

Twitter: Twitter is a social media platform which has recently reached one million users in a short span of time. The social networking site allows companies to promote products on an individual level by tweeting, interacting and retweeting. Due to its preciseness, the site is also called a micro blogging site. It is a great platform to interact your target market on an individual level, understand their requirements and strengthen customer loyalty by customized offerings.

Facebook: Facebook is the best platform to create brand awareness because of its large chunk of audience. So far, the social site has touched the magical number of 5 billion users, and constantly emerging as the first choice for brand promotions and awareness. The results from Facebook are considered the best for companies that are operating in business to-consumer or better known as a B2C environment. Foursquare: Foursquare is a location based social networking site, which allows businesses to create a page or claim an existing venue to increase footfalls from the vicinity. It is a great way to bring in new customers every time they look for a retail store in their surroundings. Stores can also offer heavy discounts and free services, checked in from the vicinity.

Online Review Sites: There are online review sites that are either general purpose, industry specific or product specific. These sites share, discuss and review one person’s experience with others on board. For instance, Glassdoor is an online social site which talks about the various employers, the practices followed in an organization, pay packages and work environment with other members. The platform can be used to ensure a good brand reputation and business-consumer relationship, while maintaining the four key assets: information, involvement, community and control.

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