Single Car Prefab Garages Available, From the Simple to the Spacious

A prefabricated garage is a logical way to add extra space to a home for the purpose of storage. These types of garages are built in a separate location and shipped over to the home. They can be built on site as well. They’re designed for budget reasons to maximize space and to be easily accommodating. A number of masterful designers handcrafted and a wonderful array of prefab garages for sale. Below are some of the single garage designs that are leading the pack.

Good and Classic

Before diving too deep into more unique and contemporary design styles, it is smart to look at what a traditional prefab garage includes. The standard price for single car prefab garage ranges from about $3,000 to $6,000. The 10 x 16 comes in at about $2,900 and a 12 x 38 comes in at about $5,500. The largest size available in the major market is a 14 x 40 which is priced at about $8,000 with a vinyl siding. This gives an overall spectrum of what to expect in a classic and pure smart prefab garage design.

Stockton Contemporary

If the garage is simply for storage and curb appeal is not the highest priority, then a classic design will do just fine- especially for the price. But some homeowners love a more vivid design style, and that is exactly what they get with the Stockton. A small Stockton comes in about $6,000, with the size of 10 x 16. A 14 x 40 is about $14,000. So what does the Stockton due to justify that high price? Firstly, it includes an 84 inch ceiling height with a carriage style. The design includes a rafter and a second story which is wonderful for space if a homeowner is looking at a smaller than desired lot. Because of this rafter, an owner can generally get almost twice as much space as well as the innovative and charming exterior design.

The simplicity of these garages is quite appealing for homeowners that are looking for easy space extensions. They can be moved rather easily (or at least easier than a custom garage) and they come in uniform prices.