Simple Ways to Trim Energy Costs Around the Home

Since most homeowners must operate within a budget in order to make sure expenses do not exceed income, it makes sense that they would look for ways to reduce the amount they pay for utilities each month. When it comes to learning how to cut electric bill costs, the focus is usually on finding ways to reduce energy consumption and still enjoy all the benefits that come with having access to a constant power source. Try these tips and see what impact they have on the total amount of monthly energy consumption. Adjust the Thermostat SettingNo matter what is happening outside, adjusting the thermostat by a couple of degrees can help reduce the amount of energy that is used to heat or cool the home. For the summer months, set the thermostat two to five degrees higher. During the winter, set the thermostats several degrees lower. The inside temperature will still be much more pleasant than outside, but the system will cycle off more often. The benefits of this approach will be readily seen when the next power bill arrives in the mail. Inspect the Doors and WindowsDoors and windows can make a huge difference in the amount of energy needed to heat and cool a home. Make sure the sashes in the windows do not shift back and forth in the frames. For the doors, check to see if there are open spaces around the sides and bottom when they are shut. If so, line them with strip insulation to help fill in those tiny gaps. For the windows, that same insulation can be used to fill in those tiny gaps between the frames and the sashes, without interfering with the ability to lower and raise those sashes when desired. In addition, purchasing lined drapes and keeping them closed when things are at their hottest or coldest outside will make it easier to keep the interior at a comfortable temperature and reduce energy consumption.Have the Major Appliances Checked for EfficiencyMost homes include one or more appliances that account for the majority of monthly energy consumption. Have them checked by professionals to make sure they are operating at peak efficiency. A major appliance that is not in the best shape will require more energy to operate. By having those appliances serviced and making sure they are operating properly, the amount of energy consumed will go down noticeably.