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Advertising Your Service Through a Website A cleaning company would need a website to attract new customers. Potential customers will look for proof on how you are doing well in the business to trust your track record in the business. You can convince people of your track record claims if you show references, quotes, testimonials or even before and after pictures as your support. You can establish also your credibility if you advertise company awards, publicity, news stories or interviews. It is important what your customers think and value your company than what you say about your own company. On top of what you will show on the website, you can also present proofs on the available social media. Bear in mind that the objective of the website is to attract new customers for the cleaning company. In order for potential clients to buy the products or services of the cleaning company, you have to present to them data through social media, to make them like and trust the company.
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Entities like companies or people will serve as references who will claim that they have worked with you in the past and that they find your services excellent. Normally, new prospects will ask you to submit references upon bidding. However, for first timer clients who are still browsing your website, are still undecided to give you a project or not, so it is wise to include references already in the website.
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It is easier and simpler to ask for quotes and testimonials from your past customers to give support and confirmation of your services. In using testimonies, try to get the picture of the person giving you the testimony because studies revealed that a reader’s eyes will always pick up pictures than words or letters. Images will add excitement to the text of the website. Awards and publicity are very valuable proof about because others are saying these commendable things about your company, rather than you saying about it. It is more valuable to look at awards and read publicities about your company rather than you do it yourself. Advertising may be self-serving, but it is more valuable and believable. Make sure your posts and take advantage of these awards and publicities on your website since these kind spell the difference between your company and the others. One of the priceless promotion are interviews and stories about your company. No matter if you are not used to it, if there is an opportunity presented to you for an interview, be it in person or over the phone, say yes immediately. Learn to value interviews, because this kind of promotion is worth it even if you are uncomfortable while doing it. Sometimes , it is even wise to hire a PR firm or a publicist just to get the media opportunities for your cleaning company.