Shaggy Rugs Ideal Texture

Furnishing a new home is an exciting task, one that many young mothers or new brides relish in, especially when the husband and family participate enthusiastically, or at least give the woman the go-ahead to fill a new home. So where would be good place to start? A good idea is to work from household items and finishings starting at one’s feet, going up.

This brings us to carpets and rugs, especially in temperate countries or in cool homes with cold floor material like cement or other stone substance. Even if occupants of a home may not go around barefoot in it, cold air stays near the floor as warmer air rises. This means a family perpetually walks their legs through drafty air, and a rug, the thicker the better, will alleviate this.

There are two major factors to consider in choosing a rug, if the home designer does have the time: size and texture. Many homes have rugs that cover floor area only where occupants tread most often or where their feet rest when doing something. For example, in the living room the rug generally covers the floor where TV watchers rest their feet while sitting on the couch and chairs. Same goes for the kitchen and dining room: rug area covers the spots where people eating and cooking stand or rest their feet for an extended time.

Sometimes, however, families choose larger area rugs, and cover their floors wall-to-wall. This is an effort to reduce tripping on carpet edges, especially for elderly people like if the family includes grandparents.

Now for texture. Obviously, silk-like material can never be a rug, because it won’t serve the purpose of impeding cold from the floor seeping upwards. A good, thick texture is needed for this. Berber carpets have looped material that is known to be durable, but for Moms or Moms-to-be, shaggy rugs may be what is needed. These are known for their soft, bouncy feel, and are ideal around children, who often play on the floor. Minor accidents may cause the children to fall, slam, or scuff into the floor, and softer, smoother rugs limit injury more than, say, rough sisal rugs. The material also mimics the feel of shaggy dog fur, which dog-loving kids may like.

For sensitive, pregnant mothers, smooth surfaces may also be in demand, and shaggy rugs in a home will even make going barefoot indoors fun. There would be no need to worry about the deep pile catching more dust, because carpet rakes can solve this problem. Rugs need to be regularly washed or at least dry-cleaned, anyway.

One other advantage of having shaggy rugs in the home is that they can give a home a casual, relaxed feel and they look right in any color or pattern. Kids are sure to support this choice of material underfoot. Even if a home has a more formal decor or theme, all one has to do is get a shaggy rug in a neutral color such as black, white, or beige.

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