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Sewer Video Inspection: Locating Sewer Problems

Traditional way of solving sewage problem is ask for a plumber to come to our home to fix clogged drains and check for any leaks and crack as you are smelling something odd. After they have done flushing the toilet and sink, plumbing snake down your drain turn out that the clogging is not within your sewage system but down the line.

Unwanted things are often the cause of clogging in our sewer pipes which will eventually create foul odor and becomes a breeding ground for insects that can affect people within the area. Leakage in the sewer pipes creates public disturbance as well. Sanitation department in the US has installed video cameras that will help them monitor sewer pipes if there are any leaks and clogging.

Sewer pipes deteriorate and that is a fact, which is also why they need to be well maintained. Aside from the fact that when the sewer pipes are clogged up or damaged it can lead to more problems that is also the reason why the keep these pipes under surveillance using video inspection. Although the camera help in maintaining the sewer pipes, the camera also helps in the continues sewer piping operations.

The sewer video inspection technology now used CCTV or closed circuit television cameras. Because of the new imaging technology, it is much easier to notice any damages inside the pipe and be able to fix it in time without any further damages or even prevent future damages in the pipe. Leakages and cracks are easily detected through monitoring with the heal of these surveillance cameras.

Pipes can be very long, but with the help of the cameras installed, even the unreachable part of the pipe can still be monitored with these cameras. Debris and dirt that build up inside the sewer can easily be detected, and using the right cleaning approach it can easily be removed. As more and more people are installing surveillance camera for their pipeline, they are able to prevent future problems and even check if there are any clogging in their sewer system. Installing sewer video inspection at home will not only prevent you from future damages but also report any leakage or cracks to a plumbing company and have the issue fixed in no time.

It may sound expensive at first, but in the long run you will realize that it is worth all the money you spend as you will be able to report any small problems without the need to wait for big problems pertaining to your sewage system. Unexpected breakdown and surprises are automatically eliminated with the help of the sewer video inspection.

Sewer video inspection eliminates problems such as:

Root intrusion, Bellied drain line, Leaking pipe joints, Debris blockage, Separated lateral joint, Deteriorated piping material and Cracked sewer lateral