Seven Signs the Carpet Needs Care

Not sure if your carpet can pass muster? Residents of Dallas might be inclined to procrastination when it comes to having their carpets cleaned but don’t delay too long unsightly stains, unpleasant odors and other areas in need of attention might be the reason for fewer visits by family and friends. Take this quick quiz to see if your carpet is creeping out the guests and how to fix it fast.

1. Sneezing, wheezing, droopy and grumpy. If your family and friends begin to resemble the cast of Snow White, it may be due to environmental reasons rather than the company. Hidden health hazards like dust, pollen and even mites can make sensitive persons miserable. Regular vacuuming combined with eco-friendly carpet cleaning products are an easy way to assure your home is clean but never contaminated by harsh chemicals.

2. People wipe their feet when leaving rather than entering the home. Tough stains can spread everywhere including car upholstery and even the sidewalk. Eliminate deep set dirt and grime so what others take with them doesn’t leave a lasting impression of the wrong kind!

3. The kids play “guess that stain”. Stop playing guessing games and call a reputable Dallas carpet cleaner instead. Not only is it possible to remove deep set stains like wine spills but even extra tough blemishes from candle wax can quickly become little more than a bad memory. Just be sure to find a company that knows and understands the right way to treat the type of carpet for your home for example, berber often requires special handling.

4. The dog prefers the bare floor. Give Fido a fluffy a comfie place to call home without the odors or mess one quick call to a local Dallas carpet cleaning company can clean and deodorize your home in less time than it takes to say “good doggie”.

5. Navigating through the rips, tears, ravels and thread-bare areas has become an obstacle course for older visitors. Search for a Dallas carpet cleaning company that provides full service including repairs. Not only will your home look and smell better but it’s also safer and less likely to cause a nasty fall or injury.

6. You deliberately leave the house messy because it hides the carpet. Clean up those toys and schedule an appointment with a Dallas carpet cleaner. Once you get a good look at how fresh and clean your carpet looks you won’t need to hide behind the clutter. In fact, make it easy on yourself by hiring a company that moves and replaces all the furniture for you.

7. You feel the need to clean before calling a Dallas carpet cleaning company. Don’t worry! Reputable carpet cleaners have seen it all and are experts at transforming worn out floors into something special. Simply call a company like Kiwi Carpet Cleaning of Dallas that handle repairs, carpet cleaning and other maintenance for you with one quick call you can have the house you love without the headache, hassle or embarrassment.