Seven Advantages Of Wool Rugs

Carpets are classified into many types. Some are differentiated according to their construction – tufted, hand-knotted, hooked, braided and flat woven – while others are distinguished by their place of origin. The craftsmanship portrayed in rug products varies from country to country, thereby explaining the mark of distinction they receive. Oriental carpets are unique from American carpets and French carpets, and so go on the list. Classifications are also made on their size and quality. But the one that’s probably more familiar to the regular consumer is the categorization by material – upon which wool rugs are found to be the most favourable.

Don’t get it wrong, wool rugs are not perfect. They are prone to shedding and fading. But they do compensate for those weaknesses with the following strengths:

First of all, wool is known to be fire resistant. They do not have to be treated in order to become non-flammable. They are innately unable to foster a flame, which makes them so preferable to use around children. As a matter of fact, they are so impervious to flames that firemen suits are made of them. If you want to decorate your den, which has a fireplace, there is no doubt that this is the type of rug you would want to secure.

Second, wool is also water repellent. Its fibers are too close knit to accommodate fluids so they just roll off the surface. This makes wool rugs ideal for kitchen floors and areas where children usually play and eat.

Third, wool is also very durable. As such, a wool rug can be expected to withstand strains and environmental stressors. This can pretty much be attributed to the millions of coiled springs that each wool fiber is composed of. Instead of breaking, this enables the material to stretch when placed under pressure and therefore, allow the whole rug to preserve its structure in spite of anything. They are great for high traffic areas like the living room since they are not only tough, they are also good looking.

This brings us to the fourth positive attribute of wool – the fact that it dyes beautifully. Wool fibers absorb different dyes better since the proteins on its core are more reactive than other types. They also tend to diffuse light diminishing light reflection and ensuring a softer finished product color.

Another characteristic that homeowners appreciate about wool is that it does not collect dust and dirt. Wool typically absorbs moisture. As a result, it lessens the build-up of static electricity. Static is what attracts lint and dust from the air. On top of that, the scales on the surface of the fiber make it difficult for dirt to get deeper into the structure, which makes it less demanding to clean.

In addition to the above, wool is also quite effective at insulating noise. It absorbs and reduces the sound level which is why they are staple decorative pieces in airports, offices and concert halls.

Last but not the least, they are versatile. In spite of construction and print, wool pretty much fits in with any design concept, whether it is minimalist, romantic, colonial or chic-modern. They can be used indoor and outdoor. And they can blend in any area of the home, with any furnishing.

There are a number of stores that sell rugs online that you can consult on the matter and ask some advice on what wool product they have that would suit your budget better. Given their benefits, wool rugs don’t come cheap. But if you find yourself a dependable rugs online merchant, you will not have to worry about the costs.

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