Schedule Your Next Conference At Hearthstone Hotel

Have you been looking all over Sydney for the perfect spot to host your next business conference? You can stop your search. The Hearthstone Hotel has multiple meeting rooms available to host your next business conference. They have both small and large rooms available for your use. They also have equipment that you can rent to help make your business conference run smoothly. They can even cater the food for your conference.

The Hearthstone Hotel can accommodate a business conference of up to 300 people. The Cape Bretoner Ballroom is very spacious at 212.3 square meters. Their next largest room is the Sydney Harbor Room, which is still rather large at 163.5 meters. Finally, if you need a more intimate meeting space during your conference, you can use the Sydney River Room, which provides you with 74.3 square meters of space.

In addition to having plenty of space for you to use, the Hearthstone Hotel also has a wide variety of equipment that you can rent for your conference. To start off with, they have a movable podium. They also have a microphone and speaker system set up in their conference rooms.

They also have all the electronic equipment that you may need. They have multiple LCD projectors and overhead projectors that you can use. They can also provide you with portable screens as well. If you need to show a movie at your conference, they have a TV and DVD/VCR combo that you can use. If you just need some paper, they can also provide you with flip charts.

In addition to providing you with a location and equipment for your conference, Hearthstone Hotel can also provide you with catering for your conference. Their experienced hotel staff can help you plan your meal and break times to ensure that your conference runs as smoothly as possible. Their catering staff can accommodate any food requests that you have, from simply providing coffee and snacks to setting up a buffet.

Book your next business conference in Sydney at the Hearthstone Hotel. The Hearthstone Hotel has three different rooms to accommodate all of your conference needs. They can also provide you with on site equipment rental as well as on site catering. For more information about booking your next conference at the Hearthstone Hotel, check out their website: