Rustic Kitchen Design & Decorating Ideas

Rustic kitchens emphasize natural, unrefined elements. Many people associate rustic decorating with log cabins but that just isn’t the case. Rustic decor works just as well in modern, contemporary homes as in a cottage in the woods.??

Natural materials and warm, relaxing earth tones are important elements in a rustic kitchen. Leather or suede is a popular choice in fabric. -Rustic- metal finishes like wrought iron, rusted metal, or patina will add just the right character to your space. Rustic design also has an emphasis on wooden materials and furniture. And as you can imagine, wood floors are a perfect complement to a rustic kitchen theme. You can finish off your kitchen with bark, twigs, branches, stones and rocks – they will bring the outdoors inside and give you that -lived-in- feel.??


Cottage kitchen decorating is a popular style often classified as -rustic.- Cottage kitchens are defined by garden-inspired colors, comfy furnishings, rich textures, and worn finishes — baskets, beadboard, and natural fiber rugs are a perfect addition. Soft floral patterns are also typical in cottage style decorating. Cottage kitchens can easily be distinguished by their whitewashed wood finishes. For example, exposed beams, furniture, and cabinets are often painted white to lighten up the room. The most important thing to remember is that a cottage style kitchen is light, airy, serene, charming and laid-back.??

Cottage chic style is a related style that incorporates worn items, faded fabrics, old paintings, and furniture with chipping paint. The goal of a cottage chic design is an elegant room that feels casual and inviting.??


Another rustic kitchen decor type is “country.” A country kitchen exudes warmth, comfort, and a casual ambiance. It is all about creating an inviting and “lived in” feel. A country style kitchen is casually elegant with a compliment of sturdy, practical furniture and colorful textiles.??


Farmhouse kitchen decor, also a type of rustic kitchen decorating, is inviting, cozy and charming. Instead of being formal and fussy like other kitchen decorating themes, country farmhouse decorating is laid back and relaxed.??

Country farmhouse decorating is a distinctly American style of interior design, but it incorporates elements of country design from all over the world, including French country, American country, rustic, and cottage style interior design. Although the country farmhouse style varies a great deal, there is one common theme — a cozy, relaxed decorating style incorporating natural elements. You will typically find wooden floors covered with colorful throw rugs along with large pieces of wooden furniture. Antiqued metals, floral patterns, accessories and knick-knacks finish the theme. Inexpensive items from your local flea market or thrift store work brilliantly. And don’t worry about things matching! In fact, in country farmhouse decor, the more mismatched the better since it creates a charming, lived-in feel.??

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