Retro Kitchen Decorating Tips

A retro kitchen is one of the most popular decorating ideas when it comes to kitchens these days. It implements the use of newer and vintage items. This means whether you’re into the nostalgic 1930s or the cool 1960s, you can easily integrate retro styles into your kitchen.

The first step to achieving this style is to select a color palette for your kitchen. The best would be to make use of mod colors like oranges, browns and blues. These colors are regarded as the “true retro colors”. Then, get paint cards that can match your color scheme. Just carry these cards when you go shopping for accessories so you won’t fall off the color matches.

Before buying kitchen decor and accessories, consider your kitchen windows and walls. Visualize how they may look with retro colors. You can also try window treatments to achieve that retro kitchen theme. What can be more suitable to these windows? Of course, vintage curtains!

Another area to consider is lighting. This is where overhead and task lighting fixtures will become handy. Implement lighting that looks vintage with that funky appeal. Choose drop lights that come in various colors and styles. These days, there are numerous lighting fixtures you can get for this theme, but make sure you choose them for practical reasons and not only for visual appeal.

For retro kitchen decor, furniture and accessories, there are lots of stuff you can easily find to compliment this theme. You can try using pottery and dish towels. You can also have retro kitchen chairs as well as tables. Use the fun retro style by implementing chrome furniture or even modern styles coming from the 1960s. Make sure you choose your furniture and accessories wisely so you don’t end up wasting money by buying new pieces all over again.

Go for vintage pieces. This is perhaps the best way to achieve that retro kitchen look. You don’t need to shell out lots of money for these pieces. You can find good ones in garage sales, thrift shops and even on your attic. You can go as far as going to your relatives as well as friends and ask them if they have unused stuff you can look at. Once you find something suitable for your kitchen, ask them if you can buy it. Most relatives and friends will just give these things away.

You can also hang artwork and atomic clocks throughout the room. You can also add some shelves where you can place cool vintage collectibles such as salt and pepper shakers. About flooring, you can just put retro style rugs or shags in orange, brown, avocado or aqua colors.

It is in the final decorative touches that showcase how you’ve successfully achieved the retro kitchen theme. It is in this part where you can come up with unique ways to enhance the look of your kitchen. Whether it’s a mod donut phone from the 1970s or Dansk wooden accents, it’s up to you and up to how creative you can become. However, never overdo your retro kitchen decor and accessories. Try to put a limit on the things you put and make way for the more important stuff inside the kitchen like cooking tools and the fridge among others.

If you feel that you still haven’t fully achieved that retro kitchen theme, there are many magazines, books and even online tips that can help you. Browsing and looking for retro room designs and replicating them on your kitchen can do wonders.