Retain the Shine of your Dining Table

The dining room is the place that serves as the ideal backdrop for spending time with family or friends. It will not be wrong to call the dining table the centerpiece of all dining rooms. Hence, it is important to maintain the look of the dining table so that it looks as new as ever.

Remains of meals and over usage may dull the look of the table over time. However, you can retain the shine of your somekeyword by cleaning the right way. A large range of dining table sets are available today and the same cleaning technique cannot be adopted for all. So, here are a few tips to keep your dining tables as good as new.

Glass Dining Tables

Glass dining tables are very delicate and are prone to scratches. Even the minutest scratch can mar the overall look of the table. So, they are best cleaned with plain water using either a paper towel, glass cleaner, or a cloth. Using a lint-free cloth and soap water is a wise idea. If there are stubborn stains on the surface of your glass table, then avoiding scrubbing them using unsuitable material as it could only make them worse. Instead, use dilute abrasive cleaners that are specifically made for glass dining tables. You can even make a home-made spray by mixing 1 cup of water with 1 cup rubbing alcohol and one tablespoon vinegar.

Wood Dining Tables

If you’ve furnished your home with a wooden dining table, then requires a different approach altogether. You can clean your wood dining tables with a wood cleaner or a wood conditioner using a clean cloth. This must be done twice every year so that your table doesn’t lose its sheen. While the use of a wood conditioner can be limited to twice a year, it is important to dust the dining table at least once a week. Use a good furniture polish to bring back the shine. In case of any sort of spills, make sure you wipe them clean immediately using a damp cloth.

Now that you have a fair idea as to how to maintain somekeyword, you no longer will shy away from investing in some good pieces of dining room furniture. Efurniture Mart offers durable dining tables and counter height tables at reduced prices. You can chose from a wide range of dining tables from reputed brands such as Jofran, Canterbury, Hillsdale, Sitcom Furniture, and more.