Removing Stains While Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning will ensure that you are also trying to remove stains from woods floors. The great thing about this is that, as the old adage says, where there is a will there is also a way. Many various stains have many various solutions. Here are some of the best solutions for fixing the stains while wood floor cleaning.

For water stains, the answer is simple. The best thing to do is to go over the stain with number 1 steel wool and simply re-wax it. If the stain is so deep that even this doesn’t fix it, then it may be necessary to go over it lightly with a fine sandpaper and then attempt to clean it with a number 1 or 00 steel wool and floor cleaner, followed by a refinish and wax. Following this tip should take care of all water stains you find while wood floor cleaning.

If you find any cigarette burns in your wooden floor a good way to remove them is also by using steel wool. For these kinds of stains it is best to use a little bit of soap (regular hand soap) and water with the steel wool. If the burns are serious you may want to consider getting new wooden panels for the floor as they will not be able to be fixed without being replaced.

Ink spots (among other dark spots) are absolutely horrible to get out of clothing. So one could imagine that while wood floor cleaning and finding an ink stain, it seems like it may be impossible to fix. But this is not the case. The number two steel wool will come in handy with this stain as well, along with the floor cleaning. These two things need to be used in combination with not only the spot but also with the area around the spot. This will help to clean these stains and make wood floor cleaning in easier for later on. Again, as with severe cigarette burns, the wood floors may need to be replaced if these stains are incredibly deep.

If homeowners find any wax build up or chewing gum on the floors while wood floor cleaning, the best way to rid yourself of them is to ice the spots. When the spots freeze you can take something hard to break the spot apart and it should break up and get rid of all stains. If a floor cleaner is then applied to where the former stain was set, it will also help the stain to soak up the fluid and loosen it. The pieces of the stain will come right off in your hand.

Wood floor cleaning in can be a fairly fun task, as the results are normally very noticeable when stains are cleaned. A big note is to take good care of your wooden floors from the start, by doing the basic maintenance of vacuuming and sweeping up the dirt to help the floor shine the way they did the day they were installed. Anything worth paying that much money for, is worth putting that much effort into.

But then, when all else fails, you can simply type in wood floor cleaning in Charlotte, LA, Houston or wherever you live and find a reputable wood floor cleaner.