Refresh The Kitchen With Practical And Budget Friendly Decorating Ideas

Home decor magazines and home improvement TV shows are big on kitchen makeovers. Typically, makeovers focus on extravagant new cabinets, state-of-the-art appliances and granite counter-tops with pricey light fixtures and over-the-top wall art. But if you are an average homeowner, you are more likely looking for ways to make your adequate kitchen more attractive, warm and welcoming without breaking the bank. Here is a three-pronged approach that can help.

First, Add Color and Style to the Walls
An inexpensive can of paint in a cozy friendly color can take your kitchen from ho-hum to wow! Choose from deep colors in warm shades like poppy, sunflower or terracotta that will complement the color of your cabinets, floor, counter-tops and appliances. Faux painting techniques like rag rolling or sponge painting will add texture and the illusion of depth.

Then add wall art that defines your style while being compatible with the high humidity, spills and splatter that happen in the kitchen. Wrought iron, framed ceramic or tile, metal art, baskets, dishes and framed photographs behind glass are easy to wipe clean. Stay within your budget by creating your own wall art enlarge digital photos of fruits or veggies and frame them up with inexpensive frames. You can unite a group of garage sale frames by painting all the frames the same color. Browsing a resale store or consignment shop will turn up treasures for your kitchen walls or counter-tops at very affordable prices: A colorful apron or group of patterned plates can make an instant focal point.

Second, Make the Best use of Counter-tops
Counter-tops are perfect for displaying accessories that show your personal style. But first, you must remove clutter by getting rid of unnecessary items and reorganizing the pantry to hold things that you do not use everyday. Now show off your most colorful and interesting accessories, a cappuccino machine, an aquamarine retro toaster or a bright red tea kettle. Then add a few other tasteful accessories without overdoing: Clear glass canisters with pasta, rice or cereal, a small counter-top lamp or wine rack, cutting boards, or a stone mortar and pestle are a few items that you might consider.

You can also create impact by decorating with fresh flowers, fruits and veggies that are right at home in the kitchen. A vase or pitcher of fresh flowers looks stunning beside a heaping basket or bowl brimming with red tomatoes, fresh lemons or glistening cherries.

Third, Repeat Color and Style on the Windows and Floor
Make the kitchen cozy by adding a rug by the sink or stove. Colorful cotton rugs that can be tossed into the washer as needed add inexpensive doses of color and softness.

Windows can get an inexpensive makeover with sheer curtains or valances that coordinate with place-mats and dishcloths. Kitchens look naturally friendly when light is allowed to stream in through the windows. Old colored-glass bottles lined up on the window sill gently filter light with dazzling color. Fill them and add a fresh bloom or two here and there for even more appeal.