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How to Find the Best Plasma Cutter Values Available Plasma cutters, though basically similar to torches and welding equipment, are different because they are designed to cut metal use a plasma beam. Plasma is the fourth state of matter and represents a high energy state that matter achieves when a substance is super heated. To put this into perspective, the heat of the sun comes from hydrogen and helium gas being super heated by fusion reactions into a plasma. In a plasma, the ionized gas is super heated until it reaches an unbelievably high temperature, and has properties of both a liquid and a gas. The plasma beam itself may reach temperatures as high as 15,000 degrees Celsius. By reaching such high temperatures turning ionized gas into a plasma beam, you are likely wondering how a plasma cutter can be safe when used on the work site? The compressed gas is then ignited by a high voltage spark which quickly heats it to the point that a plasma if formed. So when the specifications of a plasma cutter refer to it being dual voltage or 50 amp it is referring to the spark used to ignite the gas into a plasma beam. Basically, when the compressed gas comes into contact with this high voltage spark of electricity it is flash-heated to temperatures approaching 15,000 degrees Celsius, soon flooding the cutter’s nozzle with a super heated plasma which is then directed out a small opening in the nozzle and out onto the material that you wish to cut. Today there are two general ways that the plasma is made in plasma cutters. These two general types of plasma cutters are HF contact, or high frequency contact, plasma cutters and plasma cutters that create plasma through the use of a pilot arc.
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There are several advantages that a plasma cutter offers you that you can not get from any other type of metal cutting device. By being forced through such a small opening, plasma cutters actually feature a highly focused and extremely fast beam of concentrated plasma. This high speed, concentrated beam of plasma allows you to achieve super accurate cuts, just as accurate as a laser cutter, but achieved with much more speed. Plasma cutters are available in hand held configurations that make them completely portable, or mounted on CNC cutting tables which means that they are the perfect solution for just about any kind of metal cutting application.
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When you are looking for the best possible value on a plasma cutter, the best way to start is by searching the Internet for plasma cutter reviews. If you are looking for information on a particular model of plasma cutter, want to know how a plasma cutter works, or would like to find out more about the pricing and availability of plasma cutters in your local area, the best way to begin is by performing a search on your preferred search engine for plasma cutters.