Putting In The Wrong Fuel In London Causes Car Problems

Approximately 150,000 people pump the wrong fuel into their vehicles every year. No one does it on purpose. People with new cars or that are distracted while filling their cars are most likely to make this serious mistake. Going to a different petrol station or trying a different brand of fuel can cause driver confusion. People renting cars or purchasing a new car that uses a different fuel than the old one can have a higher risk of misfuelling. Once the mistake has been made, what should be done?

For those lucky enough to realize their mistake before starting the car, do not turn on the ignition. Call for help immediately at AA Fuel Assist. The car service technician will come to the car. The car’s fuel system will need to be drained, the fuel system flushed and, finally, new fuel put in. In this case, damage may be very minimal. Next time, the driver should double check the fuel grade indicator on the pump and the fuel instructions for the car before filling.

If the car is driven with the wrong fuel in London, there could be serious damage done to the fuel system and even the car engine. The longer the car is driven with the wrong fuel, the more damage will be done. As the wrong fuel goes through the fuel pump, it can cause metal-to-metal damage, then the metal shavings will go to other parts of the fuel system damaging them. Fuel system seals, engines, fuel pumps, fuel rails, injectors, line filters, and fuel tanks may all be damaged and need replacement. Both diesel and gasoline direct-injection engines are susceptible to wrong fuel damage.

It is very important to use only the correct fuel in any car. Do not let anything distract you when you are choosing the fuel. Remember to always check the fuel grade indicator before pumping fuel. If the car is new, rented, or unfamiliar, check the fueling directions before filling up. Do not assume that hose colors are the same at every fueling station or brand of fuel. For more helpful information, please refer to the website.