Protecting Yourself From Bed Bugs During Your Hotel Stay

If you’ve been watching the news, you’ve probably heard about the bed bug infestation that’s been sweeping the country. Everyone seems to be dreadfully afraid of accidentally picking them up, and you should be afraid as well. Why? It’s possible to pick these little critters up almost anywhere – bed bugs have infested hotels, department stores, gyms, and much more. If you’re a frequent traveler, check out the following information in order to avoid bringing a few unwanted friends home.

Lately, hotels around the country have become extremely well-known for carrying bed bugs. In fact, it’s believed that frequent travelers and infested hotel rooms are two of the reasons why the bed bug infestation has spread so rapidly. To avoid contributing to the problem, and becoming a victim, you need to look for signs of bed bugs when entering a hotel room.

Start by surveying the beds and couches for signs of bed bugs. Bed bugs often leave brown or bronze-colored spots wherever they frequent. Make sure you don’t see any of these spots on your bed sheets, mattress, or couch pillows. You should also remove the bed sheets and dressings, and look on and underneath the mattress. Check under the mattress and couch pillows for any bed bugs – they usually hide in dark places when not active.

Protecting your luggage should be one of your top priorities during your hotel stay. Even though you haven’t spotted a bed bug yet doesn’t mean they aren’t in the room. Bed bugs have been found hiding under mattresses, behind headboards, inside carpet pile, and so forth. That being said, you’re going to want to keep your luggage elevated and off of the floor and away from your bed. Before it’s time to leave and repack, check your clothes and the insides of your luggage just to be safe.

Follow these tips whenever you decide to stay in a hotel or motel room. Again, you should keep an eye open for the common signs of bed bugs. Make sure you look around in dark places to check and see if any of these critters are hiding there, and focus on keeping your luggage safe. If you’re still terrified, you can buy bed bug bully in order to protect your own home.