Preparing Your Floor for Wide Plank Flooring Installation

Plank flooring is wood flooring made from solid pieces of solid timber. This type of flooring offers durability, functionality, and longevity to the household it’s installed into. You can get this type of wood flooring at many leading flooring stores. If you have the experience, you can cut your own pieces of wood to get the right size wide plank flooring. Doing this can save you even more money. You will need to have patience and determination, but i nthe end you can get it done how you like it.

To prepare your floor for wide planks to be installed onto it. Before you start this, bring the wood planks into the room at least three days before you start this task. This will give the material time to acclimate to the room’s temperature and moisture content. Wood can warp and lose its proper shape. This can cause the fit to be improper. Stack the wood in a corner where it’s going to be used. Make sure there are not any small children or pets that can cause damage to the wood.

The moisture level of the sub-floor needs to be within the recommended manufacturer’s standards. If it’s too high or too low, stop the construction until it’s at the right level. Raising the temperature in the room or opening a window can affect the way the moisture content stays in the room. Make sure you do this every day before the installation so the wood will have a proper fit.

Any wood that is bent or twisted out of shape should be discarded. If you use this when you are installing wood, you can seriously affect the right of the flooring. Once the moisture level of the sub-floor is correct, lay a moisture barrier and under-layment on top of the sub-floor. Resin paper is a good choice to keep underground moisture from affecting the wood planking. This is the first step in the preparation work for an installation. Careful planning and preparedness will enable you to have the flooring you need to enhance your home’s aesthetic value and market value.