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Common Problems For Heating Repairs According to the statistics of DOE or Department of Energy, there are approximately 70 percent of households in the US that rely on furnace in order to meet their heating needs. And as reliable as this appliance could be, there are several issues that frequently interrupt its operation. They normally cause decline in the efficiency and potentially, air quality of the unit as well when these said issues take place. Here are the common heating repair works as well as their causes. Number1. Dirty filters – not being able to clean and replace your air filter could possibly lead to clogs that may reduce airflow that is forcing the appliance to work harder in delivering warmer air circulation. And sooner or later, the issue can potentially damage the limit switch that’s controlling the fan.
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Number 2. Tear and wear – they might be built to last however, even the highest quality appliance will not run forever. And as what said by HVAC experts, the average furnace should be able to deliver reliable service for the next 13 to 25 years. Toward high end of that range, many will start showing their age. The issues in the airflow and even overheating are not uncommon in older models.
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Number 3. Breakdowns – furnace may experience sudden and unexpected breakdown even though it is a rare situation. Often, this issue is the result of having insufficient maintenance or advanced age. Routine service from a seasoned and professional heating repair expert will guarantee reliable and efficient operation. Number 4. Faulty thermostat – any thermostat that’s malfunctioning usually causes issues either with the blower or fan, that may affect the comfort levels in home negatively. The device should be inspected by professional HVAC technician at the soonest possible time. Number 5. No heat – a furnace that doesn’t performing its main function isn’t broken. Either an issue with the pilot light or gas or even an improper setting of the thermostat is the common problem for this. Number 6. Insufficient heat – the clogged air filter is among the common cause of this problem that reduces the airflow in the house. Not only that, there is also a chance that the appliance isn’t big enough for the space it has to serve. Number 7. Nonstop cycling – it might mean a poorly clogged air filter or an improper setting of the thermostat when the furnace doesn’t stop cycling between on and off modes. In either case, this issue may be addressed by means of hiring a heating repair expert. Number 8. Rattling, squeaking and rumbling – in reality, the furnace must not be making much noise when it is running. A noisy furnace may potentially be suffering from airflow issue, clogged burner or mechanical problem.